Seed Processing

Our high capacity seed processing equipment is capable of cleaning a range of seed types. We specialise in temperate cropping seeds, canola, cereals, pulses, specialty crops and a wide range of pasture seeds.

We incorporate a fully computerised system with a range of high tech equipment using measured and calibrated machines in specific combinations depending on the seed type and application required.

Our equipment comprises the HEID Specific Gravity Table, CIMBRIA DELTA Screen Cleaner with aeration and interlinked twin HEID Rotary Indent Cylinders.

It also includes a Vertec 6600 Grain Dryer – a strategic investment to ensure crop production is efficiently handled and ready for processing.

In addition Seedtech has an Automated  Palletising system. This automation creates the branding, gluing and shrink wrapping of seed packed into bags then placed onto pallets.

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